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What is a neuropsychological evaluation?
The neuropsychological evaluation is a complex process that integrates information from a wide variety of sources in order to develop a clear picture of who the person is, how he or she is functioning and to determine what is interfering with the ability to function more effectively.  



When is a neuropsychological evaluation indicated?

A neuropsychological evaluation is indicated whenever complaints of problems with attention/concentration, learning and memory, language, and visual-spatial skills need an objective assessment. Complaints in these areas often occur in neurological and other physical conditions, in psychiatric disorders, in learning disabilities, and in

developmental disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder



What does a neuropsychological evaluation entail?
  • History- obtained by interview and review of records.

  • Patient observation- obtained through formal testing procedures and behavioral observation during the consultation. 

  • Testing- administration of a variety of standardized instruments that measure different areas of brain functioning. 

  • Interpretations and conclusions- based on test data and other information gathered during the consultation. 

  •  Recommendations- identify ways to improve functioning, which may include referrals to other healthcare specialists.





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